October 8th - 7pm

“Fall Follies” Fundraiser

Merc Playhouse, Methow Valley, WA

October 19th

Supporting Macklemore for “We Day”

Air Canada Centre

October 20th - 10pm

Conor Byrne Pub

Ballard, Seattle, WA

January 5th

The Crocodile

Seattle, WA


Growing up on an orchard in Northern Washington’s rural “Twisp”, John Sinclair (Saint Claire) found his love for music at 8 years old.

Starting with the violin, then piano and vocals, Saint Claire developed a passionate approach to his music through songwriting at a very young age. At 14, he wrote two symphonies and conducted them live with a full orchestra. At 17, Saint Claire moved to Seattle, WA.

“Nobody taught me how to write music…nobody told me there was a right or wrong way to create. I only write for two reasons – for the people I love, who listen close, and for myself.”

At the age of 20, Saint Claire found himself touring and working on projects alongside Macklemore, Raz Simone and Sam Lachow, as well as writing for up-and-coming pop-soul acts.

With new experience under his belt, Saint Claire is putting the finishing touches on his next solo EP, expected to be released by the end of 2016. His music is distinctively emotive, with pop/soul-inspired harmonies and electronic crescendos.